Affordable PhD Programs In Medicine 2016-2017

Medicine students learn more about biological, social sciences and clinical when they enroll PhD. PhD helps them to know more about practical experience. If you are looking for excellent and magnificent PhD programs in medicine and want to know more about a PhD entrance exam 2016-17, check this out!

Affordable Medicine PhD Programs

  • Baylor College of Medicine: This is one of the affordable medicine PhD programs to choose from. Getting PhD in the school will help you to explore more about the course. For students who are interested in public health issues, they can enroll the degree. For admission requirements, students must need to settle the application fee worth 100 dollars.
  • Lake Erie University: The university is one of the best medicine PhD programs for students because they are offering quality education. The application fee at the school is 50 dollars wherein the full time tuition fee would be 31, 610 dollars. They also offer a PhD part time education. For interested students, they should submit goal statement, official transcript of record and English language proficiency.
  • Kentucky University: The school is one of the best schools to choose from. If you want a high quality education allowing you to enhance your skills and knowledge, the schools is a good choice. Taking their PhD degree can give you the chance to have a better career. Students must need to settle the application fee worth 75 dollars.
  • Edward Via Virginia College: If you are looking for affordable medicine program, the school is a nice choice. They are helping students to increase their skills. They will also be given the training they need. Applicants should submit transcript of record, personal statement and letters of recommendation.
  • University of Miami: This PhD doctor of medicine aims to provide students the needed education and skills they want. Aside from reasonable tuition, they help students to get the employment they need after graduation. They will be exposed to new technologies and concepts. Students should submit the application deadline on time and settle application fee.
  • Touro College: The medical school has 675 part time and full time faculties. There were 91.5% students who applied to their residency programs. If you like a higher education that allows you to apply what you have earned, applied to the PhD degree of the school.
  • Lincoln Memorial University: The tuition fee for PhD degree for full time is 44, 140 dollars. They have 43 part time and full time faculties that help students to know more about the concepts and elements of medicine. Students should pay 50 dollars as their application fee.
  • Howard University: They are offering a wonderful PhD program in medicine degree. They have 44,150 dollars as tuition fee for full time. The application fee is 75 dollars.
  • Mayo Medical School: The medical university is teaching arm of Mayo Clinic. Students will have the chance to study and to experience complete rotations at Mayo campuses. Medical students will be focused to their personal interests. You need to complete online application form to be admitted.
  • Rocky Vista University: The school has 62 part time and full time faculties. They have 50 dollars as application fee. Students will be exposed to clinical trainings. To be selected, you should submit and complete online application form.

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If you do not know what school you will choose, choose from the PhD programs in medicine 2016-2017 listed above.