Be in Loop with PhD Social Work Programs 2016-2017

Social workers are responsible for essential responsibilities in their communities. They are the ones to help people, and if you like to level up your degree into PhD, here are good choices of PhD social work programs and the info on a PhD entrance exam 2016-2017.

Top Social Work PhD Programs 2016-2017

  • Alice Salomon University: Students will gain solid understanding on how they can implement ideas of human rights into practice and theory of social work. To gain a magnificent perspective of the degree, choose the school. For entry requirements, you need to have undergraduate degree in relevant discipline in social sciences law, cultural sciences, humanities and social work.
  • Vytautas Magnus University: Students will gain competencies they need. They will develop their social work research knowledge, analyze mission as well as objectives of social work. They will apply the intervention methods that emphasize change process. Students should submit online application form before the deadline.
  • University of Moldova: The curriculum was designed for social workers who want to meet their needs. Other aspects of the program include innovative scheduling system. Students should meet English language requirements.
  • Millersville University: The PhD degree was designed to further the education of students in social work profession. Their aim is to prepare students for generalist practice and to have accessible social work education. Applicants must have minimum GPA of 2.8 in a 4.0 scale from regionally accredited institution. Applicants admitted provisionally should earn 3.0 GPA average.
  • University of Gothenburg: The program is divided into modules with at least fifteen higher education. For PhD admission social work requirements, students must have bachelor’s degree in social work or related sciences. They need to submit proficiency in English. For TOEFL, they need to have 575 paper based and 232 computer based on 6.5 minimum score for IELTS.
  • La Trobe University: It aims in preparing students for social work roles and curriculum is based on philosophy of social justice. It allows students to gain the needed practical skills they can apply when they complete the program. When it comes to English language requirements, students should meet the minimum score. For IELTS, have at least 7.0 score. For TOEFL paper based test, minimum score of 600 and for internet based test, a minimum score of 94.
  • University of Stavanger: It gives a global character and wonderful potential to respond to their needs in teaching and research. It improves the skills and knowledge of students.
  • Kennesaw State University: They are offering a full time program that is focus on social work services. They aim to develop the knowledge of students. For entry requirements, applicants must submit baccalaureate degree, have GPA of 3.0 in 4.0 scale, complete application and submit 3 letters of recommendation.
  • University of Bangalore: It helps students to build careers in HR departments of hospitals, industries, NGOs and to other organizations. Their curriculum carries foundational as well as methods papers that are related to human behavior. Students should meet the minimum GPA, language test scores and complete application.

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Having PhD degree is a nice choice but you need to choose the right school to get the education you want. Start choosing from the listed PhD social work programs above now!