Best Affordable Scholarship PhD in Japan 2016-2017

Having a dream to continue your studies in PhD degree is a great opportunity. If you are looking for PhD in Japan 2016-2017 scholarships that can help you in furthering your education, this page will reveal what you are looking for.

PhD in Japan 2016-2017

  • Asian Development Bank Scholarshipin Japan: The program aims to give opportunity to qualified students to study in management, economics, science as well as other related fields. Upon completion, students need to contribute in the economic as well as social development.
  • JSPS-UNU Scholarship Programme: It was both organized by Japan Society and United Nations University (UNN). It was designed to offer promising young researchers and highly qualified students.
  • National Institute for Physiological Science Scholarship: The program is divided into 19 divisions that is dedicated to help students.
  • Minerva EU and Japan Scholarship: They are offering 6 months scholarships in Japan and they target Japanese and EU academics, civil servants and trade or economic analysts.
  • Foundation Exchange in Japan Scholarship Program: The foundation is inviting organizations and individuals to become part of them. They carry out three programs to be offered to students.
  • MEXT Scholarship: They are granting 3 scholarships to students that will be admitted to their international PhD program in Economics.
  • JSPS and UNU Scholarship Program: In the year 2002, it was launched and was organized by Japan Society as well as UNU for Science Promotion.
  • MEXT (Monbukagakusho) scholarship: They are offering 3 scholarships to applicants that will be admitted to their PhD Economics program. They offer monthly stipend until, students completed their studies. So think of the PhD entrance exam 2016 in advance.
  • OIST Scholarship Program: The program is accepting applications of students for the PhD degree around the world. They are offering a high level of PhD education to students.
  • United Nations University Scholarship Program: The program addresses global issues about sustainability, development,climate change, peace building as well as human rights.

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