Best History PhD Programs in 2016-2017

History phd programs
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History is one of the PhD programs to enroll with. The same as with computer science PhD programs there are numerous universities that help students to be educated and have what they want. They provide the education that will help student to become great historians.

History PhD Programs 2016-2017 Lists

  • Ancient history: This is one of the history PhD programs to choose. The University of North Carolina is offering it with a high reputation. According to US News and World Report, it is one of the best universities in the world. Students will receive unique experience.
  • Public History: PhD in public history is not easy. You will study about history and many things that will provide you ideas and helpful insights that you can use for future references. One of the schools offering history PhD programs is Harvard University.
  • World History: Indiana University is offering PhD programs in history that include world history. It has lots of majors and minors to choose from. World history deals on global history and transnational history with lots of historical study.
  • History Law: Students will study how law changed and how it evolved. It studies how it is connected to development of civilizations, New York University offers PhD program on it, and one of the highest history PhD programs rankings in the world.
  • Legal History: Legal history deals with some legal factors that help students to learn what they need. For a school that offers it, University of Jersey is included in the list. They are offering part time PhD study.
  • Medieval History: It is focus on general enthusiasm and University of Sheffield offers it. When it comes to the program, it offers lots of concentration to study.
  • Applied History: This PhD program in applied history caters to and focuses on students who are seeking to advance their professional development opportunities and historical training.
  • History and Culture: If you want to develop your own skills and receive intensive training, PhD in history and culture is a nice program. Students will focus on some cultures aside from history related on it.
  • Modern European Studies: If you do not want to limit yourself only some culture history, you can choose PhD in modern European studies. You learn numerous important and significant things from it.
  • Military History: PhD in military history is another program that offers unique experience. Only a few students who know about it, but a wonderful program offered as of now by best universities.

Admission Requirements in Entering PhD Program

There are institutions that required students aside from paper materials. They want their student to show their compassion and leadership ability. On the other hand, these are only some of the few requirements for PhD admission 2016-17 that schools asked but for supplemental materials, it includes statement of objectives, writing samples, online application and resume.

Becoming part of PhD program is a great opportunity because not everyone can have it. They able to have specialization on certain areas they want aside from the bachelor’s degree they have.

If you also want to take up PhD, then PhD in history is good for you. So, use this list!