Business PhD Programs 2016-2017 Desired by Everyone

Knowing the best business PhD programs 2016-2017 and the process of PhD admission 2016-17 will help you to get the career you want for yourself. If you want a higher profession in business, you need to take PhD and here are the best schools for business PhD programs.

Best PhD Programs for Business 2016-17

  • Penn State University: The school is also offering online PhD program in business and they are highly respected. They have impressive online programs and certificate programs. The school has a high ranking online and students have to complete the application form to be selected.
  • Boston University: It is a private and nonsectarian university that was established in 1839. The university is operating as one of the strongest research programs n US. They offer variety of bachelor, masteral, professional and doctoral degrees. To become part of the school, you need to meet the minimum GPA and other test scores.
  • Northeastern University: It is a non-profit and private research school that was established in 1898. They are offering about 200 programs and their business degree helps students to know what they need to lean. Students must submit transcript of record, personal statement, minimum GPA and others.
  • Indiana University: It is a public school that was founded in 1820. Students will have access to technology and libraries resources. In fact, they are one of the best business schools in the nation and holds accreditation. To qualify, settle application fee and complete online application.
  • Arizona State University: This is a public research school that was founded in 1885. They offer flexibility and specific courses. They are one of the best business schools in the world and hold accreditation. Students must pass goal statement, CV or resume.
  • Florida State University: It was founded in 1851 and they offer PhD in business. They offer online courses in asynchronous format. They are very prominent as one of the great research centers. They hold an accreditation from Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Students should submit online application, essay, interview and resume.
  • Drexel University: The university is a private institution that was founded in 1891. Their PhD in business helps students to learn more about the concepts of business. Students will gain education leadership and management.
  • Oregon State University: It was founded 1868 and it is a public research institution. It was one of the educational institutions in US. It allows students to access great course materials. Applicants should submit online application form.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology: They are offering PhD in business, but if you like to know more about it, to become a good leader in the business world and to enhance your skills, choose the program. Applicants should submit personal statement and test scores.
  • Washington State University: It is one of the best business PhD degrees to choose from. If you like to be skilled, trained and knowledgeable enough about business industry, choose the school. Candidates must check out the full admission requirements.

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Choose what PhD university you want and to start applying to one of the best business PhD programs 2016-2017 today!