Cambridge PhD Application Requirements 2016-2017

Cambridge university admissions requirements
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You are probably aware about Cambridge University because it is one of the best schools around the world when it comes to academic reputation. The school rank as number one in the Guardian, Rimes and Complete University Guides for extra-curricular activities and they have high percentage for student satisfaction.

Cambridge PhD Application

For Cambridge PhD application preparation, here are important things that needed to know by applicants. After knowing the course, course costs and deadlines, students should already have essential details.

  • Course name
  • Application & funding deadline
  • Relevant supporting documents such as CV, transcript and others in PDF format
  • Email addresses of academic referees. Get their consent before listing their names

Applying Online Using GRADSAF

If you are done with Cambridge PhD application preparation, this is the time to begin the online application.

  • For online application that is not updated or not being submitted within 14-day period, students will be given seven days to complete and submit their application before it’s deleted.
  • Students should settle the application charge cost £50 per application. Payment can be done through the secure server of the university.
  • Cambridge University PhD admission will never be complete without the essential supporting document that can be uploaded via self-service account.
  • Students are required to submit separate application together with the supporting documents for every course they want to apply for.

Essential Cambridge University Admission Requirements

When it comes to Cambridge University admission requirements, here are other things that students should submit to be accepted.

  • Academic potential and ability
  • Self discipline and commitment
  • Suitability for the course and motivation
  • Academic record, which include GCSE as well as its equivalent- A Level for grades or its equivalent
  • College or school reference
  • Submitted work (if requested)
  • Personal statement: For this requirement, it is important that you outlined your goals and life and what you have the set you apart from other applicants
  • Test results: Submit the highest test score you have. It should meet the minimum requirements of the university.
  • Performance during interview (if interviewed)

Deadline for Application

When it comes to deadline, it depends on what course you will apply for. The deadline for every course can be found on its page on course directory. Keep in mind that when you like to apply for funding, you need to apply either the course deadline or funding deadline whichever is the earlier.

For supporting document deadline, the deadline is 2 weeks or 14 days from receipt of application form, you have. Take note that all mandatory supporting materials should be submitted to the university or else the application will be withdrawn. It is important to check the course’s entry to know what supporting documents are needed to submit. These will be listed on the self-service account you have the time you submit your application.

There you have the things and requirements you need to know in order to apply for university. If you completed all the materials on time, you are assured that you will be selected as long as you satisfy the admission committee.

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