Columbia University Admission Requirements 2016-2017

Founded in 1754 originally as King’s College, the Columbia University (named so after its reopening in 1784) is the oldest University in New York and one of the oldest in the United States. This school houses an esteemed faculty and staff of almost 8,000; they take pride in their cultural and gender diversity.

Another amazing fact about this University is that it has accommodated over 85 Nobel Prize laureates who include former president Theodore Roosevelt and current President Barrack Obama, both as peace laureates, the long list also includes, physics pioneer, Enrico Fermi and Nicholas Butler.

Columbia University Admission Requirements

A University with the grasp of this magnitude is one of the most opted and most sought after by incoming freshmen and of course graduate students. So what are the requirements? Here we answer some of your frequently asked questions.

  • What are the Admission requirements for Columbia University?

The University, among others, accepts the basic requirements for admission 2016-2017 such as the transcript of Records, Standard test results (the SATs etc.), and recommendation letters, an Interview with the faculty admissions and additional materials that may help you application is welcomed.

The PhD in Columbia University requires prospective students  to submit their Standard test scores in their fields, a Personal Statement of Purpose, and Admission essay, at least 3 recommendation letters and  your research proposal (for some colleges).

  • Does Columbia University have a PhD program or graduate programs?

Yes they do. In fact, the PhD in Columbia University is very diverse, they have Journalism and Arts and Sciences and in Social work.

  • How much do they charge? What are the fees?

Well, everybody knows that getting a College education isn’t at all cheap, but Columbia University rates very per degree and per level of program. As an example, their engineering programs are at a $46,000 range that is a bit similar to the General Studies tuition per year. Not to worry, though, many scholarship grants are available to aid you in financing your studies.

  • What do I have to be in order to get in?

Each applicant is evaluated by a whole committee who spend hours reading an application; this means that each student is admitted by a show of hands. There are many factors to affect your admission, of course primarily; your test scores and high school grades are a big factor in this. However, the committee doesn’t judge solely on this aspect, they also examine third-party factors and things like how well you accomplished the Columbia University admission requirements.

The committee takes into account your family background, past experiences, school communities, community participation, family, extracurricular work and of course your recommendations.

  • What are admission deadlines?

Regular decision candidates are expected to submit their applications on January 1, 2017, and results will be finalized and released on March 15, 2017. The PhD programs have a different set of dates; the Graduate School for Arts and Sciences accepts late registration until January 30 of 2017.

For all the above questions, make one thing certain during application, it is that your admission requirements for Columbia University are complete and rechecked.

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You can’t risk being denied just because you forgot to put in something. Until then, good luck!