Columbia University Admissions Requirements PhD 2016-2017

Columbia University is a private Ivy research institution that is located in Upper Manhattan, New York City. It is one of the most prestigious universities of higher learning. They are an innovative school and working completely to help students

Columbia University PhD Admission Requirements 2017

  • Upload a copy of undergraduate transcript to online application system. There are no other transcripts required. You should never mail official transcript of record prior to offer of admission. It will only be required for students who are admitted. To be eligible, transcripts should include school’s stamp or seal and be submitted in unopened envelope, stamped or signed across the seal.
  • Submit 3 letters of recommendation. Online submission of recommendation letter is preferred by the university. You can download the recommendation form. Fill out the portion for applicants and give it to every recommender you choose. Recommenders can be graduate, professional or undergraduate contacts. Request that they: enclose recommendation, seal the paper, sign their name, give or mail the envelope. Recommenders should meet the deadline and if they don’t, you will include a late materials fee.
  • You also need to check out what creative materials you need to submit. In each program, there are creative materials asked. All documents submitted must bear student’s name, date of birth, chosen program and title of material like autobiographical essay or writing sample.
  • Students need to settle 110 dollars online application fee or pay 175 dollars paper application fee. It can be paid via credit card when submitting online application or it can be paid through money order or check. The school does not accept postal money orders. Applications fees are nonrefundable and it can’t be waived. Take note that application will not be processed without paying the application fee.
  • In presenting materials, the admission committee takes professionalism of students’ presentation. You should never substitute or add items and should not limit length limitations given by the institution. Make sure to avoid using notebooks, oversize papers and permanent bindings unless requested. Staple all pages for every requirement but never staple all requirements together.
  • All materials submitted to the school will become property of the university. The school will not return creative materials upon request

Columbia University PHD Programs Deadline

Columbia University admission deadline for Fall 2016 has already passed. The application for Fall 2017 will be available in October 2016.

It is not easy to become part of Columbia University doctoral programs that is why it is advisable to students to submit all required materials and get ready for the PhD entrance exam 2016 properly. It does not matter what PhD degree you want to take but it matters that you have complete application. Since late and incomplete application will not be considered, ensure that you start early in completing all materials. You have many opportunities when you become part of the university, but to do that and to experience it, you have to do your best to complete your application online. Do not submit documents that are not required by the program.

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Use this guide and make sure you meet all requirements!