Essay for PhD Admission Requirements 2016-2017

An essay for PhD admission 2016-2017 could be the make or break document in your folder during the application to a PhD program. Unlike the Statement of Purpose, this letter is solely about you, what you do and have done for yourself. This essay plays a big part in your application as it shows who you are as a person, not as an asset entirely but as a human being.

Essay for PhD Admission Requirements

The PhD application essay is required to test you on how confident you are with yourself; this is also done to assess you on whether you are a credible part of team. This tells a lot about you, not just the way you write but also about your character not only in work but also in how you relate to yourself and other people.

This tells the reader where you came from, how you got there and why you want to get ahead, so make sure that this part is interesting. A PhD admission essay is designed to test you of your personality skills.

Most universities ask something before you proceed with writing; the answers to these questions should be included in your essay. Apart from accounts about yourself, you should be able answer these questions properly and directly. Don’t allow your reader to sift through it by inserting long stories (unless necessary) in your essay, brief is always the best way to do it.

Tips for Essay for PhD Admission 2016-2017

  • Writing an essay for PhD admission is the perfect time to boast your achievements, be it small.
  • Tell them of your background, your preparation and you goals.
  • Tell them why you want to be where you are and tell them you want to progress.
  • Your interests, abilities and experiences may help in this essay. Do not hold back, though don’t make it a novel, remember they read many PhD admission letters, and don’t let them linger on you.
  • DO keep your format. Unless your admissions essay is supposed to be handwritten, you should follow University set guidelines on the format of your PhD admission essay is supposed to be. Strict protocols are followed for this and if they see that you can’t follow a very simple instruction, then that is an easy demerit to you application. They may not even read you essay.

Remember: YOU DID NOT COME THAT FAR JUST TO BE REJECTED because your font size was all wrong. Follow formatting rules and if nothing has been gives, then make sure that your work will look as professional as possible, use professional looking fonts (this does not include Comic Sans) such as Times New Roman, Calibri etc. font size should also be readable, this puts it at around 11-12. Also, provide ample reading area by properly spacing your sentences at 1.5.

Before submitting, remember to read back. A PhD admission essay is crucial to your application, make as flawless as possible, and if you can, ask for opinions. Also, check out some official samples.

Remember that while it is just an essay, this defines you as an academe and as a student. Make it your best, but relax, you are who you are and you don’t need to invest in technical, hard to understand terms in order to impress anybody.

Start writing your PhD admission essay now!