Finding Your Best PhD Supervisor

Communicating with your PhD supervisor 2017 is one of the most important aspects in your relationship. It can be told that you should both be critical and friendly with each other in order to prepare successfully  for PhD admission 2016-2017. In today’s post, you will learn of the good and bad qualities of a supervisor, as well as the 3-step method for effectively communicating with him or her.

phd supervisor

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The Dream Supervision Has…

  • The wisdom of Solomon
  • The patience of a saint
  • The communicative skills of Martin Luther King
  • The analytical clarity of Ada Lovelace
  • The emphatic sense of Mahatma Gandhi

The 9 Types of a Difficult Supervisor

  • Hostile-aggressive
  • Complainer
  • Silent or unresponsive clam
  • Super-agreeable friendly
  • Wet-blanket negativist
  • Know-it-all expert
  • Indecisive
  • Extremely hands-off or super busy
  • Excessibly hands-on micro-manager

4-Step Method of Communicating Effectively with Your Supervisor

  • State the facts
  • Clarify your thoughts about the situation
  • Explain what your goals are
  • Draft a plan that will be beneficial to everyone

A good supervisor for PhD 2016-2017 is one that can work well with you, someone who has the best personality and style that fits your working habits and character. It is every researcher or student’s wish to work with a good supervisor. However, finding one that fits you well does not just rely only on your instincts. You have to choose the one that you can be comfortable around with. Just like choosing the kind of clothes to wear or music to listen to, you should find a supervisor that fits you perfectly well to ensure that two of you can work well together as a team.

Based on the things that you have learned above, you probably now have an idea on what kind of supervisor could be helpful and one that might not be. Nevertheless, find the right one early on to ensure of the best results in your research. Finally, you should be first choosing a PhD program before finding a suitable supervisor for your PhD project.

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