Get Ready for Engineering PhD Programs 2016-2017

Engineering is not an easy degree because you need to deal with construction, design, maintenance and other things. You need to be focused in fixing roads, canals, dams and buildings. The degree is offered to students who are critical thinkers and innovative. Here is a list of engineering PhD programs!

Best Engineering PhD Programs 2016-2017

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: This is one of the engineering PhD programs to choose from. They are offering part time and full time studies to students and they are close to 20 research centers exploring topics like ocean engineering, soldier nanotechnologies and cancer research. Students must need to submit personal statement, letter of recommendation, and transcript of record and must settle the application fee.
  • Czech Technical University in Prague: The program is offered to students who want to prepare for their scientific research career. They are offering 4-year degree program to foreign candidates. Students must need to submit their diploma.
  • University of Minho: The program was made to give students solid training in experimentation and research methodology. It helps students to boost their civil engineering related research as well as technological development. For engineering PhD admission 2016-17, students should submit master degree in engineering, professional CV and must have proven professional experience.
  • University of Vermont: Students will be guided by outstanding faculty to learn more on chemical fate and transport, hydrology, groundwater modeling and much more. Students can also pursue a non thesis education but without financial support. They need to apply to individual certificate program to start their education.
  • International University: The engineering department of the school is strong and great. They are delivering a high-qualified academic staff to students. They can expect to be knowledgeable enough in their chosen career. Students must need to submit an essay, up to date curriculum vitae, reference letters and transcript of record.
  • RMIT University: The engineering degree helps students to have advanced engineering skilled and when it comes to their research activity, it will be focus on identifying real world solutions to emerging civil problems. This degree is good for applicants who want to level up their education. Applicants should submit degree of masters by research and by coursework. Submit a degree of bachelor with minimum upper second honors and current candidature for RMIT. Students should submit English language test scores.
  • Brno University of Technology: The goal of the program is to give students special university education in the field in engineering. It comprises attestation and training for scientific work. Getting the degree will give you the chance to have a higher career. For requirements, students have to fulfill the requirements specify by the course.
  • Abdullah Gul University: If you want to meet your needs, have expertise on interdisciplinary research, high influence research and life-changing experience, the school will provide what you are looking for. Students should submit proof of English proficiency and personal statement. For Turkish citizens, they need to submit 70 score as minimum from ALES and international students must submit 160 as minimum score from GRE.
  • Czech Technical University in Prague: The program is perfect for students who want to learn more about engineering. Students who get the PhD degree will have a higher chance to get a better future and career. For admission requirements, students should submit essay and transcript of record. For full requirements, check the website.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Students will learn more about the comprehensive curriculum of the program. Enrolling with them helps to level up your knowledge and get a better career. For requirements, you need to submit personal statement, letter of recommendation and transcript of record.

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If you are looking for top notch engineering PhD programs 2016-2017, check out the list above!