How to Choose Best Program PhD in Sweden 2016-2017

If you are looking for PhD in Sweden 2016-2017 that you can apply for, this page will present what you are looking for. It helps you in getting the education and the career that you want. Be sure to check each of the school requirements for  PhD admissions 2016-2017 to get more information.

Scholarships for PhD in Sweden 2016-2017

  • Blenkinge Institute Program for Technology: The scholarship program is helping students to pay for their tuition fees. The tuition fee reduction will be 50 up to 75 percent. It is available for citizens from EEA and non EU countries.
  • University of Borås : The scholarships is available for qualified students to pay their tuition fees when they apply for the PhD degree program. The waivers for tuition fee is intended to pay for students full or half tuition fees.
  • Scholarship of Chalmers IPOET : It is open for EEA and non EU countries who want to pay for their tuition fees. The scholarship will help students to pay for their 75 percent tuition fees.
  • The University of Gothenburg: The aim of the scholarship is to help students in paying their tuition fees. They will cover the tuition fee for students who qualify.
  • Halmstad University: They are offering numerous scholarships for students outside EEA, EU and Switzerland countries. They cover 25 up to 50 percent tuition fee of students.
  • Karlstad University : They attract top students to become part of their scholarship program that covers, 25 up to 100 percent of their tuition fees.
  • Karolinska Institutet Scholarship: The scholarship program will only cover the fees of students and not the living expenses. It is only available for PhD degree program level.
  • Kristianstad University: Scholarships will be awarded to students outside EEA and EU countries. For successful students, they will be granted of partial or full reduction in their tuition fees.
  • KTH Royal Scholarship for Institute of Technology: The scholarship program will help students to further their education, but the financial aid assistance will depends on the length of program that students choose.
  • Linnaeus University : The scholarship is for students outside EEA or EU as well as Switzerland. The reduction of their tuition fee is qualified is about 75 percent.

Live your dream and do the PhD in Germany 2016-2017!

PhD scholarship in Sweden 2017 helps you to further your education.

Be sure to choose wisely by researching, reading reviews and testimonials to know what scholarship program is perfect for you!