How to Write a Personal Statement for PhD Admission 2016-2017

Many universities do not interview applicants and one of the requirements to increase your chance is writing personal statement. The personal statement is the paper you have control with and your chance to present wonderful image to admission committee.

Main Requirements for Personal Statement Writing

Knowing how to write a personal statement for PhD admission 2016 is a bid thing because you know what factors to include and what you should not.

  • What you want the program and why: Provide specific aspects about the course you want, examples of coursework completed, practical work, work experience and personal experience.
  • You and Your Subject: Tell why you want to take the course. Provide information about you that can be connected to the subject.
  • Read examples of personal statements: There are people who know what to write down and there are some that are not. The best way in getting ideas is to look at others paper. When you read samples, make notes. Reading many samples allows you to judge what is good and what is bad.
  • Goals of personal statement: When you are finish checking out samples, you need to know some guidelines.

Here are some:

  • Do not sound pretentious and arrogant
  • Have an interesting phrase, start and end
  • Never lie
  • Avoid making jokes in your PhD personal statement 2017
  • Never start with “I”

Structure of Your PhD Personal Statement 2017

Knowing how to write a personal statement for PhD helps you to know about the structure. Some statements are written in essay format but you can make your statement as one large block of text. You can use headings instead of using essay style.

When it comes to format, keep in mind that statements are not submitted on paper. There will be software that will upload it that is why it is important to check your statement line when you submit. Ensure your statement will fit into the space provided by the school in your online application form.

PhD Personal Statement Example

Having majored in world literature in undergrad, I would want to concentrate on American and English literature I am interested in women’s literature. My projects involved combination of the subjects I want to study. In mu studies toward PhD degree, I am hoping to examine the relationship between folk and high literature. Should I attend your institution, I like to resume my studies with New York University Your assistantship program will give me the experience I need. Earning PhD in American and English Literature will advance my goals and add my skills. I see the PhD degree as my stepping stone.

There you have a PhD personal statement example that will guide you as well as guidelines in writing the statement. If you have ideas in writing, you will never make mistakes because you have a guide. Whenever you do not need what you must do, check out samples. The samples will be a big help for you at all time.

To get prepared properly, do not forget about the Columbia University admissions requirements.

Do not waste your time and start writing now!