How to Write Recommendation Letter for PhD Admission Year 2016-2017

Writing recommendation letter for PhD admission 2016-2017 is a skill and not all people can write a good paper. If you want to get more tips and guidelines in writing the paper, here is what you need.

Tips in Writing Recommendation Letter for PhD 2017

  • In writing recommendation letter for PhD, it is important to write a candid discussion about the student. The recommendation is a letter that supports a candidate wherein you need to know about his strengths and weakness.
  • For the PhD admission 2016-2017, present a great evaluation and give sufficient evidence in helping the committee to make a decision.
  • LOR should address specific purpose that discusses about personal character and scholarly capabilities. It must pay attention to language.
  • The letter must be used in explaining some weakness of the student but it is better to consult the student first before you add such information. You can mention about financial hardship, family illness and other factors.
  • In writing the letter, you need to remember and know where you met the student, do you know him very well and others.

Acquiring Sufficient Information in Writing Recommendation Letter for PhD

If you need to ask a recommendation letter for PhD, you need to think who can write for you. You can ask your professor, dean or supervisor to write the letter. Make sure you have a good relationship with them so that they will accept the task in writing your LOR. If you ask your professor, provide him your resume, exam written for chosen course, copy of application essay and other documents that helps him in writing.

In some cases, the format is determined by application itself. You will be asked to answer some questions. The letter should be between one to two pages. For style, it is better to write in the best polished style to support the student. Write the letter in word processor.

PhD Recommendation Letter Sample

I first knew John in spring of 1987 when he attended my Freshman Seminar. Keeping in touch with John in intervening years, I am very confident in my knowledge to him.

To begin with, he is a good student with lively curiosity. He has eagerness and openness to learn. Throughout the term, she performs a high level of performance. I would expect that John would bring the same qualities to New York University. Those qualities and his toughness will enable him to empathize and understand others without losing who really he is.

This PhD recommendation letter sample will give your ideas on what to write when your students ask you to write the letter. But of course, you can check any other. You will see that only good information is what you need to write. You need to tell a story on where you meet that person, what relationship you have with him, what character and qualities he have and how he can be fit to the university he wish to apply. These things are essential to consider. Make sure you have ample time to write so you will not in a hurry. Do not forget a PhD personal statement is also required, so start writing it in advance.

Use these great advice and write you recommendation letter for PhD admission 2016-2017 in the best way!