How to Write Statement of Purpose for PhD in 2016-2017

how to write statement of purpose for phd
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Writing a statement of purpose is probably one of the most nerve wrecking, jittery and most intense part of gathering PhD papers and trying to get a doctorate. The rest of the requirements that you need has probably been aced before and you degree is probably already well placed. For most people you are already accomplished, but to this handful of people in the selection committee, you are a newbie. In a personal statement for a PhD admission, you start from scratch; you write on a blank page, you are, as of the moment, nobody to the reader.

  • A statement of purpose is a personal statement for a PhD admission; it contains information about yourself, your achievements and your unique selling points as a good candidate for the doctorate study. It gives the review committee an idea as to what your purpose is in enrolling in their school.
  • One of the most important things writing a statement of purpose for doctoral program, for example, is that you have to captivate your reader; you need to leap from the pages of your letter. This takes you back to that creative writing class you had in high school, while a statement of purpose restricts you in the content, it gives you the freedom on how to control that information. This is the perfect time to get creative in the entire PhD admission process.
  • Here are a few things we could tell you on how to write a statement of purpose for PhD:
  • Start with a bam-and by bam, we mean, explosive, and by explosive, we mean attention grabbing. Start with something that will intrigue your readers. The review committee isn’t always about the traditional; it’s about capturing them on the first sentence. This will ensure that they will read the entire thing, that is, if you are consistent.
  • Your words matter- not just in daily management but also in what is probably the most important creative writing piece you will ever do. Introduce yourself, properly, tell them of your background, what you have done in the past and elaborate. Introduce everything from a positive perspective; this is how to write a personal statement for PhD admission
  • Elaborate on your academic career- since you are applying for academic admission, it is important that you highlight your academic past. Tell them of your achievements in the past, what you have done in order to achieve those and what not. You may also want to spend a paragraph or on your research, and what you will do to advance it whilst in their institution.
  • Make sure that your motives aren’t selfish- you should benefit each other equally, you will contribute to their university in the same way that they can contribute to you. You are not there solely for using their facilities; you are there to expand your knowledge as well as to contribute to theirs. Make it a point it include that.
  • Wrap everything up with a nice ending paragraph that summarizes everything.

In addition, no one like a generic statement of purpose, personalize it. Make it a point to visit the school website and look up how to write a statement of purpose correctly according to their prescription.

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