Key to Successful Applying for a PhD in 2017

Applying for PhD isn’t a piece of cake, but there are certain things you can do in order to make it easier regarding investing your effort and time in every step of the way.


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Things to Consider When Choosing a PhD Program

When choosing the perfect program you need to consider:

  • Motivation
  • Research area
  • Funding
  • Advice search
  • PhD duration and format

Take a look at the list of Harvard university admission requirements to be fully prepared!

Tips in Applying for a PhD

Things are always easier when you have a plan to follow. Here are some things you should keep in mind to make the process less stressful:

  1. Don’t start when you’re time is running out. You should start thinking of the application before a term starts. As a tip, you can make use of the summer when looking for potential PhD programs and places.
  2. Think of the specialty area you want to enroll. You should be clear on the subject you are interested and passionate about so that you can really work/research on something that you like. But aside from interest and passion, you should think of the practical aspect of studying the subject.
  3. Look for research supervisors. This is an important part that you should not miss. Find potential people that might be supervising you. Choose ones that are established academicians and find those you can speak with regarding the project in advance.
  4. Consider your non-academic life. You should think about your potential career in the field aside from knowing and following your passions.
  5. Think of the program you’re interested in while looking for PhD options. For example, a project in the Arts or Humanities could involve you in doing a reevaluation of available materials or archival work. On the other hand, some of the PhD projects will need formal teaching responsibilities, giving you professional development opportunities.
  6. Prepare yourself. A previous degree can be a qualifier in applying for a PhD. In some cases, you need a specific training to qualify for one. For that matter, you should check for the previous experience required for a candidate in PhD students in your field.

Finally, make an informed decision by using the tips outlined above. For that, you should give yourself enough time by preparing early. Think ahead and consider the kind of life you could have after the PhD.

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