List of Business PhD Programs 2016-2017

Phd programs in business
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Numerous top professors, economists and executives hold PhD degrees and one of their specializations is business that is available at universities and colleges. For great list of programs for PhD admission 2017, here is a good review for you.

Best Business PhD Programs 2016-2017

  • Business and Public Policy: This is one of the best business PhD programs in the world. One of the schools offering it is University of California. For business and public policy, it includes organization management, marketing and others.
  • International Trade: One of the PhD programs in business is international trade. There is highly competitive enrollment on it especially on University of Michigan. Students will be focus more on trading and other factors.
  • Business Administration: Business administration is a well-known program in the world for business. Many students are taking PhD in business administration. The program has seven concentrations if you choose Arizona State University that includes supply chain management, information systems and agribusiness.
  • Finance: This is one of the PhD programs in business. There are numerous schools offering it, which include Boston College. Finance deals with allocation of assets as well as liabilities over time under uncertainty and certainty.
  • Business economics: It is a field in applied economics that uses quantitative methods and economic theory in analyzing business enterprise. It studies on factors that contribute to diversity of relationship of firms and organizational structures.
  • Accounting and Management Systems: Ohio University is offering it on full time basis. PhD in accounting and management systems deals with operational date and makes informative reports like sales analysis that’s time specific. It informs people before they will decide on certain matters within their organizations.
  • Entrepreneurship: It is hard to think what PhD program in business to choose but PhD in entrepreneurship is nice choice. It offers advanced curriculum to help students to learn more beyond what they know. University of Illinois is offering the program.
  • Management Communication: University of Southern California is offering the PhD program. If you want to know more about communication in management, in dealing with other people and in learning things to do in management communication, then this program is right for you.
  • Operations Management: It is an area of management with designing, controlling and overseeing the process or redesigning and production of business. University of Austin is one of the schools offering it.
  • Technology Entrepreneurship: PhD in technology entrepreneurship offered y University of Washington is a nice program. It focuses on companies that involve in gathering resources and technology idea.

Important Documents for Admission in PhD

Transcript of record

  • Statement of purpose
  • Letter of references
  • Test scores
  • Language proficiency scores

Note: Some of the schools are asking for these requirements but they still differ on some materials. It is required to check on the website of your chosen program to know the complete list.

To be educated and get a higher level of education, taking up PhD is a nice choice but you should get a program that is in line with your interest for you not to have a hard time. Read about other programs including sociology PhD programs on our website. 

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