Main Facts for Successful Admission in PhD in 2017

admission in phd

Ph.D. application is also viewed as a job application rather than a professional school or traditional college application. With that in mind, candidates needed to maximize their chance to enter the program. Most of the applicants need readmission essay help since they need to show their asset and skills.

Common Requirements for Admission in PhD

Applicants for PhD programs are expected to complete the requirements on time. If you want to  know how to get admission in PhD in USA and what the common requirements that a candidate should have are, here is the list!

  • Hold a master’s degree of higher learning that meets the minimum cumulative average
  • Provide scores for general exam of graduate record examination
  • Students from non-English countries need to show proficiency in English language. For some, a minimum score of 600 on Test of English as a Foreign Language is needed and 250 on computer based or its equivalent
  • Submit complete application which include a statement of interest
  • Complete an interview either by phone or in person

Note: The application should follow the deadlines as set by Office of Admissions. The admission is made based on the submitted requirements of the students.

New Requirements for PhD Program:

  • At least 1 college with a B or better in Calculus, Physics and Chemistry
  • Chemistry: General chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical geology and atmospheric chemistry.
  • Physics: General physics, geodynamics and physical oceanography.
  • Calculus: Calculus, Linear algebra and quantitative methods in data analysis.
  • Graduate record examination general test
  • For international students: They need to submit Test of English as a Foreign Language for applicants whose English is not their native language except for students who hold secondary school from following countries which include Great Britain, New Zealand, Canada and Australia.
admission in phd

For complete application, it includes:

  • Personal statement of academic purpose
  • Transcripts of record from previous secondary education
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • TOEFL score
  • GRE score
  • Settle application fee

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There you have it the complete list of new requirements for some schools as well as the list to have complete application but requirements still vary from one school to another. If you choose to study in the prestigious schools, there are higher and more requirements you need to complete but whatever your choice and your decision, you need to exert effort at all times to prove that you are truly qualified.

PhD Admission Process Eligibility

  • Applicants must need to have a degree with minimum 2nd class honors
  • Valid GMAT or GRE score is required for students who are not graduates of the country unless there is a specific requirement stated by the school of website
  • For applicants whose English is not their native language, TOEFL score is needed.
  • Photocopy of GMAT/GRE/IELTS/GRE test scores must be attached to the application.

These are some of the list for candidates to be eligible in the program they want. If you do not have a complete application, then you will never be eligible because you have incomplete documents. It is better when you take your time in completing all needed materials. Applying for PhD is not easy that is why choosing carefully for the PhD you want is needed. You need to be updated so that you can be selected.

Admission for PhD Deadlines

Early decision

Regular decision

Online application form

January 1

July 1


February 1

February 1



Late March

Candidates reply date

February 15 or March 1

May 1

Note: Depending on the school that you choose, they provided certain deadlines for candidate’s application. They are encouraging students to apply ahead of time or earlier the deadlines that are indicated in their homepage. It is better to apply early because the earlier those students will be notified.

Moreover, when it comes to application steps; here are important things that students should know. Being aware with it will help you a lot that is why should do your best to know what comes first and which should comes next.

  • Submit common application
  • The time you submitted common application, talk to your teachers to get letters of recommendations.
  • Submit transcript from all attended schools
  • Check records to confirm your test scores on ACT, SAT or TOEFL

The time you have uploaded your application to their system, you will receive a confirmation with instructions on how you can able to check for your application status. If you are accepted, you will be invited for an interview and it is your chance to convince the admission committee that you should become part of the school because you can able to offer a great help.

admission in phd

PhD Admission Process: Successful Application

In order to have a successful application, students must need to complete all the requirements. It is suggested to get started applying today when you have a plan to study PhD in the year 2017. If you start early, you have lots of opportunities to experience. The more opportunities you have, the better because you can able to choose what you want. One more thing is that you always need to check the website of the school to be aware of the deadlines. You will never be selected when you do not know what you will do. You are guaranteed to get what you want if you do your best, you complete all requirements on time; you submit online application form and impress the committee.

It is a fact that students are having a hard time in having a successful application because they do not know what they should do and how to take admission in PhD. If they have a guide, they will not do wrong. With this, visiting the webpage of the school is required. There are instructions provided where students only need to follow. They should abide with it for them to be selected. They need to follow the deadlines, which documents must need to be submitted first and other considerations. To sum it up, knowing the common and new requirements are important for students because it is their guide. It is their basis for their success and to receive a higher education.

To have successful application, you need to exert effort and time as well as to complete all essential documents on time!