New York University Admissions Requirements for PhD 2016-2017

New York University is a private and nonsectarian American research school that is based in New York City. It was founded in the year 1831 and it is the largest private nonprofit university of American higher education. AS of now, enrollment has grown to over 40, 000 students.

New York University Admission Requirements

To be considered for New York University PhD programs, the school strongly encourage that students should apply as early as possible because there are only limited space in the program. The institution admit applicants on rolling basis.

  • Fill out online application
  • The application requires personal statement where student should tell who they are as a person and as a student. They need to write their essay in 250 to 500 words only. Describe an experience that has impact on them. Tell what special, distinctive, impressive or unique about themselves.
  • Upload official transcript of record in their online application. Sending official copy of transcript is important and they need to ensure that they include all coursework.

Note: Applications will never be reviewed until students submit all materials. The college application is use for admission process but the program does not guarantee for your PhD admission 2016 that is why you need to do your best.

Another thing is that whenever you encounter trouble in submitting your application, you need to save your application first and clear the cache. Close all your browser windows and open it again. Log in to your account and submit your application.

There are additional application documents that must be submitted separately. A complete application includes personal statement, complete application form, academic transcripts, recommendation form, French language background form and advisor approval form.

If the university does not release transcript of records to students, they can send it to New York University. For students who do not have proof of language of proficiency in their transcript should submit the form. If you have taken courses in local language that appear in your academic transcript, you do not need to submit the form.

Note: Students must need to submit electronic application on or before the given deadlines. The school welcomes early admission because they keep students application file until they will start reviewing applications for the term you indicate.

New York University Doctoral Programs 2017 Deadlines

Apply by:

  • February 15: Notifications on March 4 and confirmation before March 15
  • March 15: Notifications on April 1 and confirmation before April 12
  • After March 15: Notifications on two to four weeks from the date of submission
  • September 15: Notifications on October 1 and confirmation on October 15
  • October 15: Notifications on November 1 and confirmation on November 15
  • After October 15: Two to four weeks from the date of submission

Applicants who submit application during the review phases will be admitted, as space remains available. To give enough time to prepare, new applications must be received at minimum of 2 weeks prior to arrival date.

To become part of New York University, students must need to complete the requirements and submit it as the earliest time possible.

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