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PhD Admission 2017 in Anna University Features

To enter into an PhD program in Anna University many students have to struggle because the process of admission can be really difficult and competency really hard. The PhD programs on this university range from Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Technology, Science and Humanities and even Management Sciences degrees. All of them demand high-quality students with great prestige and successful careers.

The PhD admission 2017 in Anna University focuses on admitting successful and intellectually capable applicants who can improve the research activities of the university. However, this process can be really difficult and thus, applicants must comply with all the requirements and admission needs before the PhD admission deadlines.

Anna University PhD Admission: Requirements

To be admitted to Anna University, it is pertinent for the applicant to comply and meet the following requirements:

  • A SSLC or equivalent
  • A DISC or equivalent
  • UG Mark Sheets and a degree certificate
  • PG Mark Sheets and degree certificate
  • Service Certificate
  • A certificate from the last studied course

Plus, all applicants must comply with the following requirements:

  • A research paper that focuses on a subject relevant to the specialty the applicant is trying to enter for
  • A score on admission exams or interviews above the minimum grade of admission
  • Any foreign student must send their submission after entering in an ICCR or QIP program to be successfully admitted
  • Any document from an applicant that comes from a non-English speaking country needs to submit both the original and translated version of the doc.
  • Candidates with full-time jobs must submit a relieving order from their employers

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Anna University PhD Application: Why Is It a Good University?

Every research program from Anna University is backed up by a prestigious and relevant recognition among universities in the world. These programs offer a platform for students and faculty members to interact with members and experts in their area of specialization from India or abroad, making better and more intelligent approaches into the opportunity of elaborating research and scientific collaboration studies.

The number of PhD in Anna University awardees from the beginning of the university’s activities in 1978 to 2013 is 2793 in total, with more than 1000 from 2013 to 2016. In the 35th convocation of PhD Awards, 1010 applicants were awarded making it an “All-time High” number of awardees from all PhD applications in the history of the university, and the highest from any technical university in India.

PhD in Anna University: Tips

It is very important for any applicant for the Anna University to comply with all requirements, however, there are certain recommendations that they can follow and take into account at the moment of submitting their application.

  • All documents written in different languages should all be translated and presented along with the originals.
  • Research papers, personal statements, and similar documents should all be exempt of any grammar errors, false information and wrong use of the academic research.
  • The more interesting the personal statements and answers to questions of exams and interviews are, the more opportunities for the applicant to be admitted.
  • It is always necessary to prepare all documents and requirements with previous agreement in order to avoid any missing document at the moment of application

At the end, sending an Anna University PhD Admission application is always a great idea if you want to become more professional and specialized in your area of expertise. If you follow this guide you’ll have more opportunities at being selected for PhD admission 2016-17 in management or other field, so take your time to read carefully and follow our recommendations.

Sending an application for PhD in Anna University should be an easy task if you follow this guide. Don’t hesitate in looking for more information on our website on how to submit a PhD Admission!