PhD Admission Essay 2016-2017

An essay is a piece of writing that gives the author his own argument. It is a short story and a pamphlet. On the other hand, a PhD admission essay tells a personal story to audience. You need to give fresh and unique stories that is based on your experience, interests and goals.

Making Essay for PhD Application Special

If you want to make PhD admission essay special and succeed at your PhD entrance exam 2016-2017, there are things you need to consider. If you want to be ahead of others, here are things to remember.

  • Be original: Even boring topics can become interesting when you know what you will do. Just be sure that you provide an original story.
  • Be yourself: Admission committee wants to learn more about you and about your writing ability. You need to write something that is meaningful and to describe your feelings. It is better to stay away from grand themes.
  • Do not thesaurize your composition: Students continue using big words in writing their PhD application essay 2017. Using big words are fine but it must use in appropriate context.
  • Use clear, imagery and vivid prose: if you do not know imagery, you can still write effective PhD application essay 2017 or even PhD application statement of purpose without it. Spend most time to introduction: The admission spend one to two minutes to read your essay that is why you need to use an attention grabbing introduction to get their interest.
  • Do not summarize the introduction: Ask yourself what story wants to read. Avoid summarizing your paper because officers will note read it.
  • Relate your body to introduction: Body paragraphs must be related to the introduction.
  • Use transition wisely: using transition within paragraphs is advisable. It gives intellectual architecture for argument building.
  • Conclusion is crucial: It is your last chance in persuading the officer that is why you need to make it strong.
  • Format: The suggested format for your PhD essay is to have an introduction, three body paragraphs and conclusion. The length should not be more than one page and you need to follow the word count. For style, make it personal and unique.

Essay for PhD Application Sample

My purpose in seeking PhD in educational leadership is to enhance my knowledge about research methods and theory I want to fine tune my skills in order to become a better person. I realize the essential of education that is why I want to level up my education to PhD degree.

I have particular interest in single mothers as well as improvement of homeless individuals. I know the feeling of being homeless and I have seen many people who become illiterate because of it.

I want to make a big difference as much as I can. As volunteer at Ministry Assistance, I witnessed how volunteers and social workers faced. They are exerting effort and doing their best to give clothes and provide finds.

My short term goals include future administrators, establishing a good network for scholar to participate in rigorous intellectual process.

Above all I will make sure to participate in any ways in educating poor comprehensively and efficiently.

And do not forget to stick to PhD admission deadlines.

There you have the things you need to know in writing the best admission PhD essay!