PhD Admission Requirements 2017 You Should Be Aware of

phd admission requirements

The US is the largest when it comes to international student population and the country is home to prestigious universities around the world, too. Lots of the universities are offering huge charity of courses, various degrees as well as excellent research opportunities.

General PhD Admission Requirements

Keep in mind that universities in the United States have their own admission standards but when it comes to general PhD admission requirements, here is the list!

  • Grade point average. Most universities and colleges require students to take 1 or more standardized admissions test to gain entrance exam.
  • Essays or questionnaires. With this, it includes personal statement on why you’re considering the school.
  • Courses studied in secondary school or prior education.
  • Group involvement or community service
  • English proficiency exams
  • Letters of recommendation from teachers
  • There are also some universities that add specific requirements. It is better to check the colleges for more details. For additional requirements, check this out!
  • Student visa
  • Applicants for student visas must apply at US Embassy

Visa Requirements Include

  • Application forms
  • Passport valid for travel to US and with validity date at least 6 months
  • Application forms
  • Standardized photographs
  • Prove to have enough money in supporting yourself
  • Interview with the embassy is needed
phd admission requirements

How to Get PhD Admission in USA

If you always wanted to see the letters of a PhD in your name, then you need to submit needed requirements and prepare what the university has asked you to do. There are lots of things you need to do that are why you need to be aware of it.

  • Choose your major: You can choose your major based on your research experience, undergraduate coursework or interest.
  • List of universities: There are lots of universities with websites that is why it is better to check it out to know more information.
  • Take GRE test, GRE subject test and TOEFL: Students are required to take these tests for them to qualify. You can visit the ETS homepage to know more information about the pattern of examination, score reporting as well as scoring.
  • Assess your chance: With this, you need to take into account several factors which include funding, citizenship status, college GPA, geographical location preferences, research experience, TOEFL scores, GRE scores and whether you want to study on full or research university.
  • Letter of recommendation: Choose the persons who will write the letter or recommendation. You can choose a faculty member, thesis advisor or past employer. You should ask them if they want to make the letter for you. On the other hand, there are schools that do not ask for letters of recommendations.
  • Write a statement of purpose: Be sure to write a magnificent SOP that will get the attention of the committee. You need to be serious in writing to craft a wonderful output. Present all the information needed and what they want to read.
  • Transcript of record: Lots of schools are requiring students to submit an original transcript of record that will be sent directly to the institution. For this, better to contact the department of admission to know more about the alternative possibilities. Often, a certified copy is enough.
  • Have TOEFL and GRE score reported to the appropriate department: Students need the department codes, institution codes, credit card number, dates of expiration and others.
  • Use calendar program: It is required to use the calendar program to keep track about the documents needed. It is needed to know which one you need to send to the university. Keep a list about the tracking number, the contents of each packet and date of posting.

phd admission requirements

PhD Admission Requirements in USA: Applications

The first rule is that the more you invest time, the better. It is also necessary to look beyond the name of the universities and check one that is really right for you. You need to check each of the schools to know which is perfect for yourself. Some of the institution has an application fee of between 50 to 100 US dollars.

For the application, universities have different requirements but it is common that schools ask for letters of recommendation, research statement, transcripts from university attended and personal statement. When it comes to deadline, the earliest can be December. For regular admission deadline, it is March, however; it is better to apply earlier. When it comes to funding, it can be in December or January.

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How to Get PhD Admission in USA

When applying to study in United States, students need to take entrance tests to complete the admission process. Students need to take the graduate record examinations or also known as GRE. There are also other tests needed to take which include GMAT for admission to MBA, LSAT for law and MCAT for medical. International students need to apply for a student visa. The time they are done with it, they can proceed to other requirements. In addition, some of the schools require students to have international experience to know what they have achieved in the past years and what they gained.

If you are planning to study PhD in the United States, then you need to be aware of PhD requirements for 2017 if you decided to study for that year. As of now, you need to start choosing the school you want and to prepare all the needed requirements. You need to know what the common and specific requirements to submit your application ahead of time are. Take note that completing all the document materials needed is not easy because you need a lot of time. With that, it is suggested that you apply now to have the chance to be selected and to get an interview.

Finally, the United States is a nice country to take PhD studies but you need to choose what school you want and to check for the requirements. There are numerous schools available in the country so don’t miss the chance to choose the university that is right for you.

If you have given the chance to study and to get a higher education, do not miss the chance to apply today!