PhD Programs 2016-2017 and George Washington University Admission Requirements

George Washington University is a coeducational research and private institution situated in Foggy Bottom neighborhood of Washington. It has 2 other campuses, which include Mount Vernon campus. They are one of the best choices for George Washington University Doctoral programs 2017.

George Washington University Admission Requirements

  • To become part of George Washington University PhD programs, applicants must be a graduate of bachelor’s degree.
  • Employees who receive tuition benefits will not be eligible for discounts nor candidates who awarded with full tuition fellowships such as athletic scholarships or presidential administrative fellowships.
  • Check the list of eligible programs. Apply for admission for Summer 2016, Fall 2016, or Spring 2017. It is essential to meet the admission criteria as well as the deadlines to become part of the program. Students are required to submit standardized test requirements like GMAT and GRE.
  • For students who receive an offer of admission, they need to complete and submit Grad2Grad fellowship enrollment form. When you are registered, tuition award will be applied to your account.

Note: Only completed application with required documents receive by round deadline will be considered. Applications that are received after the deadline will be accepted on rolling basis. It is important to check the program you like in order to find the application deadlines.

  • For students who are new to the application system of the school, they need to click the create account button to start their application. After they submit their application, they can check their status by logging is to their user name. When you are done in setting your account, you need to fill out the form.
  • Applicants must need to create an account so that they can able to submit required materials. Checking also the general and specific requirements is important. Whether you are domestic or international student, check the requirements because there are instances that the materials requested are different.

George Washington University PhD Programs Deadlines

In fact, the deadline for PhD programs and the requirements for the PhD entrance exam 2016 vary from one program to another but to give you an overview, the entry term for Fall 2016 is one September wherein the decision will be announced on December. For spring, the application deadline is on August and the decision will be announced on October. It is important to know the specific deadlines for the program you are applying for. Not all the programs have same deadline that is why it is advisable to students to check the website of the program. It is a good thing if your submitted your online application ahead of time to increase your chance of getting accepted.

george washington university admission requirements
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Entering George Washington University gives you the chance to get the PhD degree you want but you can never become part of the school when you don’t submit all the materials needed on time. Even though late application will be considered in rolling basis, your chance of being accepted is higher when you submit your application earlier.

In case you want to have a plan B, have  a look at the George Mason University admission requirements.

If you want to ensure to become part of the university, you need to submit your application and all the George Washington University admission requirements on time.