PhD Programs in Education 2016-2017

Top Doctorate Programs in Education

Are you looking for PhD programs in Education? This page will present what you need. Education is a nice degree and when you need a higher education, you need to enroll at the best university that helps you.

  • University of Liverpool: They are offering online part time for four to five years and doctor of education. Students will acquire skills, confidence, knowledge as well as academic credentials. The focus is on use of policy literature, academic and professional knowledge. The curriculum is constructed from international perspective using case studies, academic literature, policy literature and research. PhD admission in education requirements include master’s degree from recognized school and minimum of 2 years relevant work experience which include some responsibility for managing or coordinating activity from
  • University of San Francisco: The degree is dedicated to understand informal and formal education within diverse linguistic, economic, political and socio-cultural contexts. Some of the features of the degree focus on meaningful impact on global and local communities. It covers five areas including gender and sexuality in education, critical social theory, human rights, alternative research and intersectionality of class, nation, race and others.
  • RMIT University: The PhD program education in the school is internationally and nationally recognized cultivating high-level skills in research, advanced communication skills, synthesis of knowledge and analysis. Upon graduation, students will develop the skills they need and will able to have good contributions to research.
  • University of Colorado: The PhD program in education is designed to meet professional and personal needs of leaders in higher education, school districts and non-governmental organizations. Students will be engage to rigorous courses in research, policy and leadership. Students must need to complete online application form and upload needed documents like goal statements, CV, complete tuition classification form, recommendation letter and email of references.
  • University of Southern Queensland: The course can be completed up to 6 years and PhD admission 2016-2017 requirements include ILETS English requirements, completed master of education and document record of 3 years teaching or professional experience
  • Oral Roberts University: It is committed to give opportunity for individuals to become professional educators. It was designed to assist students in their comprehensive examination in doctorate.
  • Nipissing University: It prepares students from wide variety of fields like health, social work, education and much more. Their purpose is to meet the present and future needs of students. Students should submit a research paper, updated CV, personal statement about 1000 words explaining why they want to take PhD, 2 letters of references and English language test.
  • Lehigh Graduate School of Education: It prepares students for scholarly inquiry, advanced professional careers and research. Students must need to complete the online application to be considered. Students will attend two face-to-face institutes where they can earn their credits.
  • Mary Immaculate College: The program is a four year structured involving research methods, optional discipline specific and core specific.
  • Loyola Marymount University: It is a three-year program and it was made for community leaders and experienced educators. Students must need to submit CV, essay, letter of recommendations and others.

There you have the best and top PhD programs in Education 2016-2017 you can choose from. Start to choose the best program that suit to your needs today!