Real University of Chicago Admission Requirements 2016-2017

University of chicago admission requirements
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Ranked in 2014 as the 11th top school in the world and was in the 10th place in 2013, the University of Chicago in Illinois presents itself as one of the most prestigious and most acclaimed university in the world. With an esteemed faculty, that currently includes 7 of its 87 Nobel Prize winners. Founded in 1890 by American Pioneer John D. Rockefeller, this school houses almost 2,000 tenured and full time faculty has been host to almost 177,000 of its alumni worldwide. This school has committed itself to various goals and missions that they have preserved to the day.

They offer a transformative education through conventional thinking and pursuance of original ideas, this houses the most seasoned think tanks and research labs that allow students to approach ideas through interdisciplinary training.

It has 120 years of excellence, and all of those under one belt. So what does it take to be part of this esteemed community? What are the University Of Chicago admission requirements? Do you fit in their categories? Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Chicago University admission requirements.

  • When do admissions and enrollments start?

Applications have already started! The University offers students a chance to assess their admission 2015 as well as their selves through their online portal. This allows students to return to their application subsequently whenever they have cold feet or if they’re not ready yet, this serves as a drive for the student’s documents and application process. The deadline for Regular notifications is January 5, 2017 for undergrads.

The PhD Chicago University offerings have a cut-off. The deadlines vary greatly for each degree of specialization. For more information, do check out the University site and school admissions office.

  • Do I have to be a genius in order to study in this school?

The great thing about this school is that no, you don’t have to own a swelling brain in order to get in, for undergraduates the University encourages them to apply, for they have no minimum Grade Point Average Requirement or SAT scores.

Although, it may help if you invested in your academic scores, this will surely heighten your chances of getting in.

  • Do they offer post-graduate programs?

Yes, in fact they do! PhD programs for different specialization. The PhD in University of Chicago serves as one of the best in the country. They have several admission requirements that may vary for each school or college.

  • What do I need to get in?

Well, for the incoming freshmen, the basic University of Chicago admission requirements suggest that you need pre-college preparation program, as this is standard. You also need paper works, such as your Universal Application, high school transcripts, the supplement application provided by the university, Standard test Scores, two teacher recommendation letters and of course your fee/ fee waiver.

For the postgraduate program, the Chicago University Admission requirements would be the Standard test scores for graduate programs (LSAT, GMAT etc), the Personal Statement of Purpose, an Admission letter, Recommendation letters and transcripts. Some may accept additional files. The school caters to people from all occupations, so no matter who you are or where you come from, you are truly welcome.

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Be sure to fill out necessary admission forms and visit the Admissions office should you have any questions!