Requirements for Delhi University PhD Admission 2016-2017

Delhi university phd admission 2016-2017
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University of Delhi is one of the premier universities in the world that is known in providing highest standard of education. It was developed in the year 1922 as residential, teaching and unitary university. The school has the strong commitment in providing excellence in research and teaching and offers a great list of interesting programs including business PhD programs.

Delhi University PhD Admission 2016-2017 Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Delhi University PhD admission 2016-2017, students should obtained M.Phil or Master’s degree in the university or to any recognized universities. Students should obtain either minimum of 50 percent marks or its equivalent in M.Phil degree or 55 percent marks or its equivalent grade in Master’s degree.

Other Essential Requirements for PhD Admission in Delhi University

Students are required to take 4 courses during their first year and have at least score of 50 percent in every course. All entering students are needed to take 2 compulsory courses. If students do not able to get 50 percent marks, the student will have chance to re-test within twelve months.

  • Every students entering PhD admission in Delhi University is required to choose a supervisor as well as two members as advisory committee.
  • For University of Delhi PhD admission 2016-17, students are asked to remain in their residence for 2 years and required to submit thesis within 4 years of provisional registration.
  • For University of Delhi PhD admission 2016-17, students need to register online and complete all coursework.
  • Applicants with Master’s or MBA degree or its equivalent are required to create CAT 2016 for admission to PhD program.
  • Applicant should have at least two years minimum experience on date of writing their admission test.
  • Teachers who are permanent in recognized university aside from University of Delhi, employees of research institute and other candidates sponsored by employers will only be considered for the admission if they have obtained study leave for two years in fulfilling their residency requirements.Foreign Nationals with foreign degrees need to apply via embassy or respective consulate with minimum GMAT score of 650.Applicants must have fellowship from their own country.
  • Foreign applicants are required to submit TOEFL scores.
  • Foreign nationals are required to fill the Board of Research Studies form.

Note: Students should ensure that they ale to complete and follow the application guide provided by the University of Delhi. They should able to meet the provided dates and deadline for submission of application to ensure they will be accepted or selected.

Dates and Deadlines for PhD Admission

  • Students should ensure to submit their application by February 15.

Note: For applicants who are selected, admission will only be granted after applicant arrives with valid research or student visa and registered with Foreign Student’s Registry Office.Becoming part of University of Delhi is a nice opportunity because it is one of the best schools in the world.

If you want to level up your education and get the education you are looking for, you can choose and enroll at the university but you should complete the requirements.