Tips for Recommendation Letter for PhD Admission Requirements 2016-2017

A recommendation letter for PhD admission can do one of two things to an incoming student, help him or discredit him. Being asked to write a letter of recommendation in any form isn’t always a blessing, it means that around 1/5 of the chances of the person getting in a school is entirely up to you. Have you ever felt that heavy weight in your heart?

Recommendation Letter for PhD Admission

Should you be asked to recommend somebody, here are some of the unspoken rules in how to write a letter of recommendation for PhD admission:

  • BE detailed and thorough- just because you are asked, doesn’t mean you have to be lazy about it, tell them all the readers need to know. Tell them about you past experiences with this person (how you came to know him, how you ended up working together and how things ended up). Places and periods are important for this document; this validates your recommendation letter for PhD admission. This tells them that you are not just a friend of the applicant but a professional who is truly impressed.
  • A good comparison- for added effect and impression compare the applicant with others you had the pleasure of encountering. Be careful in writing this part; make sure that what you write doesn’t make the applicant look negative to the panel. In comparing, bring out the positive aspects of someone’s workmanship, or better yet, tell the panel about how well he or she got along with his colleagues. This should help.
  • The research tells them a little bit about the applicant’s research, and it tells how he or she has accomplished and has gone so far with it. Being well versed in the area means that you really know the student (which is probably the reason why he or she asked you to make the recommendation letter) and you don’t just know them as part of your class. A good letter of recommendation for PhD admission is one that speaks beyond the teacher student relationship, though; you may want to modulate this.
  • Be concrete – try not to give the reader lots of abstract ideas or open ends. Remember that the review committee reads hundreds of these everyday and they want to read to the point as soon as possible, but don’t make your work tacky, put some effort in to it but do get to your point without telling a fairy tale.

Advice for the Student: Letter of Recommendation for PhD Admission

Recommendation letter for phd admission
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When you are faced with finding someone to write a letter of recommendation for PhD admission, then here are a few guidelines:

  • Find someone who is qualified, not just your friend or your co-worker; find someone that will make the committee listens. This may be you previous professor, a person with a higher degree, or simply just someone related to the field that could help you.
  • Make sure they are relevant, if there’s any chance you know the pope, have him write it, if of course he is related to the PhD you are taking, although anything from the pope in proper recommendation letter format for PhD admission 2017 is impressive.
  • Make sure that you inform the writer of the prescribed recommendation letter format for PhD admission by the university when asking them to write it, although, the most common one to use would be Times New Roman in font size 12. Try to find as more as possible official advice.
  • You wouldn’t want to edit a recommendation letter for you.

There you have with some tips to know about the recommendation letter whether you are the student or you are the one asked to make one.

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