Top Economics PhD Programs 2016-2017

PhD in Economics is not easy to complete because there are PhD economics admissions 2016-17 requirements needed to submit. In order to become part of the university, students must need to ensure they qualify to have a higher education.

List of PhD Economics Programs

  • Universiti Brunei Darussalam: This degree is offering doctorate level of studies through research. Students are expected to supervise original research. Students must need to submit 100,00 words of thesis and the degree can be completed in three to five years for full time students and five to seven years for part time students.
  • Koc University Istanbul Turkey: The degree aims to prepare students in research. Students will able to pursue their chosen career in research institutions, government agencies and prominent universities. Students are supported by teaching and research assistantships. For admission criteria, students must need to have degree from economics MA or BA, minimum GPA of 3.25 in 4.00 scales, minimum GRE of 685/154 and ALES for native applicants.
  • National University of Singapore: The program aims to attract top students around the world and to train them. PhD admission in education for students: master’s degree in economics, strong honors degree in economics or good background quantitatively like statistics, mathematics, operations research, physics and others. Applications that English is not their mother tongue should submit TOEFL or ILETS test score.
  • Istanbul Commerce University: The economics program covered by broad theory of politics and science Students will learn concepts as well as techniques in the subject. Courses are offering behavioral finance, policy, finance theory and financial econometrics.
  • University of Milan: They are offering 3-year duration studies and providing advanced general education in economics. The program is taught in English language. Applicants with strong knowledge and motivation will be admitted. Selection of students follows 2-phase process: oral interview and evaluation of CV and research proposal. Students should submit CV, reference letters, publications if available and official transcript of records.
  • Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore: The program is devoted to advanced courses and in the 2nd and 3rd year of students, they will be focused on individual research. Application must be submitted before the deadline. For admission requirements, students should submit CV, motivation letter, graduated degree in related discipline, reference letters and transcript of records.
  • University of Illinois: Students must need to complete two fields or written examination. The school is offering comprehensive curriculum to students so that they can meet their needs. Applicants are required to submit comprehensive qualifying examinations on Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. A dissertation is required and applicants should submit GPA test score.
  • University of Messina: The program is based on competitive international requirement and they also offer rigorous training in economics as well as to related studies. Students will develop their skills and abilities. For application requirements, they must submit graduated degree in related discipline, reference letters, research proposal, and transcript of records, CV and undergraduate degree in related discipline.
  • Turku School of Economics: The PhD 2016 involves numerous doctoral programs and students will be provided with deep familiarity about the course. Students must need to submit an essay, thesis and other requirements.
  • University of Essex: The program is recruiting students with professional qualifications and they offer a 4-year program. Students must need to submit transcript of records, graduate degree in related discipline, reference letters and certification of academic achievements. This is one of the top economics PhD programs to choose.

These are the top PhD economics programs. Begin choosing the right program and submit all the needed requirements now!