Top Philosophy PhD Programs in 2016-2017

Philosophy phd programs
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Several top Philosophy PhD programs  are available on the web and there are schools that offer the best program you can choose from. If you want to have PhD in philosophy, here are some of programs that you want to choose for PhD admission 2015.

Top Philosophy PhD Programs 2016-2017

  • Political Philosophy: One of the PhD programs in philosophy that you can choose is political philosophy. You can take it at New York University with other PhD programs such as medicine philosophy, moral philosophy, philosophy in mathematics, epistemology, philosophy of mind and metaphysics. The school is also offering dual degree program that requires 32 credits.
  • PhD in Philosophy in Business: It is one of the PhD in Philosophy available in the Rutgers University. The school is offering a five-year PhD program, providing students the knowledge they need in the area of philosophy.
  • Aesthetics and Political Philosophy: These are only some of the PhD in Philosophy that Brown University is offering. The school is one of the best in the world and it is located in Providence, RI. You are assured to have a high standard of education with the school. Additionally, transcript of record, CV, statement of purpose is needed for application.
  • School of Arts and Sciences Philosophy: Harvard University is offering this PhD program to help you have the best PhD you need and to become a great philosopher so that you can get what are aspiring for. The school is situated in New York and offer a list of other interesting programs including education PhD programs.
  • PhD of Philosophy in Philosophy: This program is offered by Columbia University. The purpose of the school is to help students to become independent scholar and a great teacher. Students are also required in assisting to teaching in undergraduate courses.
  • Women in Philosophy: Princeton University is offering Women in Philosophy. In addition, other departments are available in the school. They are offering unique experience to students and it is located in Princeton, NJ.
  • Ancient Philosophy: One of the best programs in Philosophy offered by University of Michigan is Ancient Philosophy. It is about the collaborative effort between classical studies and philosophy. The program is perfect for graduate students.
  • Philosophy of Science: One of the best philosophy PhD programs in the world is Philosophy of Science. It is available in the University of Pittsburgh situated in Pittsburgh, PA. It is one of the best programs to enroll for philosophy of science.
  • Philosophy of the Mind: This is one o the best philosophy PhD programs in the world that you can enroll at University of North Carolina. There are some research strengths, which include Meta ethics, moral theory and others. Some of the requirements needed include transcript of record and test scores.
  • Education Philosophy: University of Arizona is offering this PhD program allowing students to widen their knowledge and skills. In addition, test scores, recommendations and references are needed when you apply in the university.

Applying at the best and top PhD in Philosophy is difficult because you need to compete with other excellent students.

To stand out, you should apply ahead of time and complete all requirements!