University of Southern California Admission Requirements for PhD 2016-2017

University of Los Angeles is situated in Los Angeles and it is one of the leading private research schools in the nation. They are offering extensive opportunities for internship of students. They have strong tradition on professional education and fostering vibrant culture of service. The university was established in the year 1880 and as of now, it is a world-class research institution and the oldest private research school in West.

University of Southern California Admission Requirements

To apply to University of Southern California PhD programs 2017, students must need to complete their electronic admission application

There are required materials that should be submitted with your online application. It includes:

  • Statement of purpose
  • 3 letters of recommendation
  • Resume or CV
  • Any research reports, published papers and others

Note: Depending in the program you choose, they are not accepting hard copies of letter of recommendation, resume, personal statement and other supporting materials. There are also required documents to be submitted directly to USC Office of Admission.

  • Official transcript of records from all attended universities and colleges
  • GRE scores with an institution code of 4852
  • TOEFL scores if applicable with institution code of 4852

Note: The above documents must be submitted directly to the USC Office of Admission. Also, all deadline for University of Southern California are set by academic departments and not by the Office of Admission. The deadlines vary from one program to another and it is subject to change. It is necessary to refer to homepage of intended program or to contact them regarding the specific deadline for the PhD admissions 2016.

Unless your PhD program states otherwise, the deadline is only refers to date by which application must be received and not the supporting materials. As long as applications are submitted on or before the deadline, it will be considered on-time. Even though supporting materials will arrive later, it will not be a problem as long its arrive within reasonable period of time.

The application deadline for Fall Semester is on December 15.

There are still other deadlines for every semester you want to enroll. The first thing you need to do is to check out the PhD program you want to take at USC. Then, check for the deadlines and requirements so that you can prepare it ahead of time. If you are ready to apply, you need to create an account and fill out online application. Do not leave any blank information and make sure to check your answers before you submit because the institution does not allow any changes when they receive your application.

Becoming part of University of Southern California is a nice choice because you will be equipped with concepts and knowledge you need to learn. It gives you the chance to further your education to receive a better career. If you want to become part of the university, do your best to complete all required documents. You need to start applying and preparing the requirements to meet the deadline. Keep in mind that deadlines may change that is why when you complete all documents ahead of time, you have a higher chance to meet the deadline.

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Follow this rules and explore more about other PhD programs you can apply for!