What Are PhD Admission Deadlines in 2016-2017?

Phd admission deadlines
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For starters, a PhD is a program awarded by universities as a post-master or post academic degree. The amount of time to finish a degree varies considerably on the subject taken. PhD means philosophy doctor; this is Latin for doctor of Philosophy. Now, this may be misleading, having a PhD doesn’t mean that you are an expert in philosophy. You might be, but a general term for those who have taken doctoral degrees in their corresponding fields.

If you are looking to take a PhD degree, there are certain guidelines to be followed, you don’t just walk in a university and demand an admission slip. This practices the inner professional in you; most of the people you are dealing with are tenured and practiced, so you treat them with utmost respect. In addition, they follow an academic calendar and if you are applying, they have PhD admission deadlines that are followed strictly.

Most schools set their own PhD deadlines and most often than not, they do not adjust this, again, we’re back to promptness and professionalism. These PhD deadlines vary on the school, the region and of course the academic calendar.  Here are some of the schools that post their application deadlines:

PhD Admission Deadlines

Australia, the following are the deadlines to be followed:

  • University of Melbourne

For the postgraduate students who would want to apply, locals (Australian citizens) are urged to apply on or before October 31, whilst foreign students may submit their application on the same date but shall be processed on February, or may submit on May 31st and will get a result before July 31.

United States of America

Have two seasonal deadlines for incoming students, November 5, 2014 is the deadline for the fall dissertation proposals and March 23, 2015 for the spring dissertation proposals. Following this would be a comprehensive examination that covers written and oral ones, followed by a mini APSA on December 5th.

  • UC Berkley

Offering top ranked doctoral education in the country, they offer doctorate degrees to more or less a hundred different specialties from Astrophysics to Classics. All are listed alphabetically in their official school website. Deadlines also vary for each program but the general trend extends for November 21 of 2014 to April 15 of 2015. Applications are sent to corresponding addresses.

United Kingdom

  • University of Exeter

Again, deadlines vary according to path taken and country from where the student would be coming from due to the processing of the visa requirements for foreign students to take part in their postgraduate programs.

  • Leeds University

No PhD admission deadlines are specified in their school calendar. It is however, a top priority that you ensure your eligibility as a candidate to this school. There are several specifications, do check them out.

Central Europe

  • Central European University

PhD Applications deadline are until February 1, 2015. Admissions are to be submitted before 23:59 hours Pacific Standard Time (PST) to ensure your application would be included in review.

Most PhD applications deadlines 2016-2017 vary from school to school. In addition, special cases are granted especially for those looking to get scholarships or financial assistance, so do check their pages out for more and complete details.

So, choose your program and don’t miss you dead line!