What Are Princeton University Admission Requirements in 2016-2017?

Princeton university admission requirements
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Princeton University is situated in cosmopolitan town in New Jersey with an easy access to New York City and Philadelphia. In fact, it is a community of learning enriching the perspectives and experiences of faculty, staff and students.

Admission Requirements for Princeton: Things to Bear in Mind

When it comes to admission requirements for Princeton, these are significant materials and things that applicants should do. If you want to become part of the school, read this!

  • Completed application form: One of the Princeton University admission requirements 2016-2017 that you need to submit is the common application. The common application can be submitted online or by PDF.
  • Submit writing supplement: If you are applying for common application, you need to submit writing supplement online, which is preferred, or by PDF.
  • Supplement college application: For students applying for Universal College Application, they should submit supplement either PDF or online.
  • Transcript and School Report: It is important to ask your counselor or teacher to submit the transcript and school report. These Princeton University admission requirements are important for common application and universal college application.
  • 2 teacher recommendations: Ask teachers from different subject areas to submit and complete teacher recommendation forms that are available on site of Universal College Application and Common Application.
  • SAT or ACT: Applicants are strongly encouraged that they should complete their SAT or ACT before November 1. For regular decision, students should take SAT by January or take ACT by December.
  • SAT Subject Tests: Early action students are expected to take two SAT subject by November. For regular decision students, they should take two SAT subject by January, which is the test date. For students who want a degree in engineering, they should have SAT Subject Tests on chemistry, mathematics and physics.
  • Test Codes: When registering for the test, here are codes.
  • ACT: 2588
  • SAT: 2672
  • TOEFL test: If English is not your mother language, you need to take the TOEFL exam. You’re not required to take the exam if English is your native language. You are also exempted when you study at university where English is their primary language of instruction. TOEFL code: 2672

Optional Application Components That Students can Submit

Arts supplement if you excelled on creative writing, music, dance, architecture, visual arts or theater, you can submit an optional arts form online. It should be mailed by November 6 for early action applicants and for regular decision applicants, it should be mailed by January 6. Take note that this art form can only be submitted after they school received the common application.

Interview: Depending on the availability, interview will be conducted.

Deadlines for Application Materials

For early action applicants, the deadline for materials will be on November 1. For regular decision materials, it should be submitted by January 1. For financial assistance, it should be submitted by February 1.

Princeton PhD Admission

  • Explore: Students are encourage to explore all the field of study of the school
  • Prepare: Princeton PhD admission are made by the faculty of your chosen field of study
  • Before filing application, student should read degree program description and requirement
  • Review deadlines and fees
  • Submit statement of academic purpose
  • Finalize CV or resume
  • Submit letters of recommendation
  • Request transcripts
  • Collect and submit test scores

There you have the important things you need to know about the university that will help you to get started and to become part of one of the biggest and famous universities in the world.

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