What Are Stanford University Admission Requirements in 2016-2017?

Stanford university admission requirements
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Stanford University is located between San Jose and San Francisco in heart of California’s Silicon Valley. The good thing is that it is one of the world’s leading research and teaching universities. Since 1891, the university is dedicated in finding solutions about big challenges that will prepare students to become leaders.

Admission in Stanford University: What to Do

  • When it comes to admission in Stanford University, here are students need to do so that they can able to be accepted and to become part of the one world’s leading university. Check it out!
  • Visit commonapp.org, then make an account and add the school in “My Colleges” list.
  • Complete the online application, questions and include recommenders before submitting the application.
  • Ask teachers or counselor to submit needed documents online.
  • Use mailing labels of Stanford for mailed documents.
  • Write the ID number in the first page of faxed or mailed documents.
  • Use official name for official and testing application.

Stanford University Admission Requirements 2016-2017

For Stanford University admission requirements, here are essential materials that needed to submit by the students. Make sure to complete all the listed documents to become accepted.

  • Submit highest SAT or Act scores: The University does not accept test substitutions. For Stanford’s test codes: SAT and TOEFl-4704; ACT-0434
  • School report: Ask your teacher or counselor to submit the needed materials online with letter of evaluation
  • Official transcript of record: Ask your teacher or counselor to submit your transcript of record. For coursework not reported on current transcript, ask or request that transcript to be sent to Stanford University
  • Two teacher evaluations: Ask two teachers to submit evaluation letter online. Teacher should focus on following areas which include Mathematics, Science, History, English and Foreign language
  • Complete online common application which include Stanford questions
  • Settle the application fee cost 90 dollars and it is a nonrefundable fee
  • Choose fee waiver option and approved that your chosen counselor has approved the request for fee waiver or done submitting letter of eligibility

Note: Stanford University will not review any applications without the approval or without the eligibility letter of counselor. It also applies to Stanford University PhD admission.

Optional Components for Stanford University Admissions

  • Arts supplement: For applicants who have extraordinary talent in performing or fine arts such as dance, music, practice as well as theater can submit their arts supplement. Arts supplement are given to students in highlighting their talents and help them for admission process.
  • Letter: Applicants should not submit only one optional recommendation letter. If you know a person that really knows you and give new insights, you can submit another letter by fax or mail.

Note: For Stanford University PhD admission, there are different requirements and it is better to check the website of the school.

Stanford University Application Deadlines

Freshman Applicants:  Restrictive Early Decision Regular Decision
Application with arts supplement: October 15 December 1
Standard application November 1 January 3
Transfer Applicants:
Application with or without arts supplements March 15

Note: For freshman applicants, common application should be submitted online by appropriate deadline. Postmarked materials should be submitted by appropriate deadline. For transfer applicants, the application must be submitted online.

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