Yale University Admission Requirements 2016-2017

Yale university admission requirements
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Among the premier Ivy League universities in America, Yale University at New Haven, Connecticut is distinct because of its iconic modern buildings within the large Collegiate Gothic Campus that were built mostly from 1917 to 1931. Yale is ranked as the third best National University and has been consistently on this spot for thirteen years. It is also consistent in being included among different university rankings for specific subjects like Life and Agriculture Sciences, Social Sciences, and in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings among others.

What Does It Take to Become a Yale student?

Apart from the Yale university admission requirements, students are chosen based on how much they can contribute to the university. It is already a given that only the brightest students are going to apply and they can’t be doubted academically so the administration will base the admission on who stands out from the rest because of a special quality or qualities that can be observed during the panel interview and the required essays.

The Admission Requirements for Yale

The first thing being considered is the academic strength. The following should be submitted to evaluate this factor:

  • School Report (Transcript and Recommendation from the Counselor)
  • Standardized results of either SAT and Two SAT Subject Tests or ACT Plus Writing Test
  • Mid-Year Report once trimester senior grade or first semester grades is available

There are also other important things to do to complete the freshman application:

  • Applicants should also answer Yale- Specific Questions that can be accessed on the Common Application page of the Yale online application website.
  • Write 650 and 500-word essays that will give an overview about the extra-curricular activities of the applicant and about topics that he/ she are passionate about.
  • An $80 application fee must be paid online through several payment channels unless the applicant is qualified for a Fee Waiver.
  • Inform in advance two teachers that are to be asked for recommendations.

For a Yale PhD application, general requirements are as follows:

  • A Bachelor’s degree
  • Personal statement of purpose
  • Transcripts
  • Special admissions 2017 requirements for the desired program
  • A minimum of three recommenders
  • Application fee
  • Other supporting materials

There are also standardized tests to be taken by all applicants to the Graduate School such as the Graduate Record Examination and Test of English as a Foreign Language or TOEFL for some programs.

Application deadlines were set as early as November 1 for the Single- Choice Early Action and January 1 for Regular Decision.

For both regular freshman Yale university admission requirements and Yale PhD application, it is clearly seen that the school administration is expecting a lot from its students. After all, reputable men and women in respectable fields of their career are produced by the university every year and they do not want to break their tradition of having students that are not only good on their academics but are also great in all aspects of their persona. This is why admission requirements for Yale should be prepared meticulously by aspiring students. It is completing the set of requirements where the administration can already perceive the interest of the student as well as evaluate the caliber of his/ her knowledge, abilities, skills, personality, and uniqueness.

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So, prepare for your PhD application and meet all requirements!